Strong Block

Brocklehurst Secondary wants to ensure that all students have access to additional academic support and are able to achieve their academic goals. We are committed to students becoming their best selves!
Every Wednesday, from 2:12pm to 3:00pm, Brock has STRONG Block.
STRONG block is held in the Library to support students who require additional time and support to complete academic assignments or finish assessments. 
How does STRONG Block work?
All students are dismissed at 2:12pm on Wednesday afternoons. Students who are missing valuable learning assignments and/or assessments AND are referred to STRONG Block by one of their teachers must attend. Attendance is mandatory for students who are referred to STRONG block.
Where is STRONG Block held?
STRONG Block is held in the library from 2:12pm to 3:00pm every Wednesday.
Who must attend STRONG Block? 
Students who are referred by their teachers to STRONG block must attend. Attendance is mandatory if you have been referred. STRONG block is time built into the school day to support student learning.
Students who are referred and do not attend STRONG block will have a detention the following day during lunch hour to complete missing assignments and assessments.
How will I know if my student needs to attend STRONG Block?
If your student is referred to STRONG block, you will be contacted by your students' classroom teacher via email and/or phone call prior to Wednesday. The referring teacher will also speak directly to your student about what work and/or assessments need to be completed at STRONG Block. 
Who will be in the library to help my student during STRONG Block?
Our Admin, CEA’s and AEW’s will be available on Wednesday’s to support students with assignments and assessments.
When are student’s dismissed on Wednesday’s?
All students are dismissed on Wednesday at 2:12pm. If students are not referred to STRONG block, and they wish to remain at the school to complete homework, students will have access to the cafeteria to work on homework assignments.
Teachers will be working in collaborative learning communities at the school. Teachers and classrooms will not be available at this time. Students are reminded not to visit other elementary schools or high schools during this time.
What is the bell schedule on Wednesday?
Wednesday Bell Schedule                              
Warning Bell 8:30
Block 1 8:35 - 9:42
Break 9:42 - 9:57
Block 2 9:57 - 11:04
Lunch 11:04 - 11:53
Block 3 11:53 - 1:00
Change 1:00 - 1:05
Block 4 1:05 - 2:12
STRONG Block/PLC 2:12 - 3:00
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