Registration for New Students

New to Kamloops?  Registration for students new to Kamloops is ongoing throughout the school year at their designated school.  Please refer to School District No. 73 Administrative Procedure 305 School Boundaries and Student Transfer Requests and Administrative Procedure 306 Schools of Choice, French Immersion, and Academies for clarification regarding school boundaries and enrolment in Schools of Choice, French Immersion, or Academies.

School Catchment Boundaries

Use your home address to find your catchment school with School Locator and School Boundaries Map tools. 

If you are unsure of which school to register, contact the School Board Office at 250-374-0679.

How to Register at Brocklehurst Secondary School

To begin the registration process at Brocklehurst Secondary School please email ; attention Student Services.

Please include the ages and grades of the incoming students as well as whether the enrolment request lands within the catchment area. All students registering at Brocklehurst Secondary School need to complete the Enrolment Form (this must be printed on legal sized paper) and the Consent Packet.

In order for the registration to be processed, we require the following to be delivered in person to the school:

  1. Enrolment Form,
  2. Consent Packet,
  3. Child's birth certificate or passport
  4. Proof of  address (we may ask to see one or more of the following:  Driver's licence, municipal/federal correspondence, financial/residential documents or a utility bill) to verify your address and to confirm catchment area is within the boundaries of Brocklehurst Secondary School

Once these documents are received, the enrolment request will be reviewed by a principal and the family will be contacted to come in for a brief meeting prior to a start date being determined.

Please note that for students joining us from other countries, there are different document requirements for those attending under a parental work permit or a parental study permit. Please refer to School District No. 73 Administrative Procedure 300, Ordinarily Resident Students.

2024 Grade Reconfigurations and Catchment Area Changes

All families who are impacted by the catchment changes and grade reconfigurations will be notified by email in January 2024.

Grade configurations and catchment changes for the North Shore and Brocklehurst schools take place for September 1, 2024:

  • All North Shore and Brocklehurst elementary schools will operate from grades K-7 including the reopening of Parkcrest Elementary and George Hilliard Elementary
  • Brocklehurst Middle School becomes Brocklehurst Secondary School with grades 8-12.
  • Norkam Senior Secondary becomes Norkam Secondary School with grades 8-12. Norkam Secondary School continues to be the designated school for grades 10-12 for Sun Peaks.

If you want to view the new catchment boundaries on high resolution maps, please go hereIf you have further questions, please contact Dana Heyman at the School Board Office.

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