About Brocklehurst Secondary

About Brocklehurst Secondary 

Our school is north of the Thompson River just before its entry into the beautiful Kamloops Lake. Situated in a residential area, near the airport for travel convenience, we have recently returned to being a secondary school. The Brocklehurst area (or Brock as referred to by its residents), is the warmest and most hospitable of the microclimates in the city of Kamloopswith easy access to the river, flat areas to walk and mountain biking trails to explore. 

At Brock, we are proud to offer a myriad of senior courses in 2024-2025: Art, Music, Drama, Textiles, Foods, Computers, Metalwork, Woodwork, Power Tech, Drafting, andPhotography.We host unique courses like Fly Fishing, Robotics and Leadership.Our traditional academic courses are complete with English including Creative Writing and First Peoples English; Social Studies including Genocide Studies 12 and Law 12;a full complement of Science and Math coursesand Languages of French and Secwepemcstin. At Brock, we are privileged to learn, work and play on the traditional territories of theSecwépemc people. 

We host four Academy programs at Brock. Students have an opportunity to engage in Hockey, Aquatics or Dance Academy. Brock is home to SD73’s new Health Sciences Academy. These academies enable students to pursue their passions. Our Brock band and choir programscompete at local, provincial and national competitions, and Brock’s Theatre program produces an annual spring school play that showcases student talent. 

School sports are available in each of the sports seasons with basketball, volleyball, soccer and rugby beingfavourites.Our Physical Health and Education programs offer a wide variety of fitness classes and weight room activities. And there is no shortage of intramural activities and clubs running at Brock including Diversity club, SOGI, Student Voice, Art club, Weightlifting club, Boys and Girls group and more.  

Brock isone of the smaller secondary schools in Kamloops, allowing for strong connections to be built with staff and students alike. We look forward to welcoming new students to our school community. 


Total Population 500 students  

3 Administrators | 35 Teachers  

16 Support Staff  

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